[[Yes, yes! Monokuma’s finally got a new mommy! Give a despair-inducing congrats to Ryouko Otonashi, who will now be playing Junko Enoshima! And once again, we’re sorry it took so long to actually get someone CAST.

Speaking of, there’s also been a casting change in regards to Ibuki Mioda. Actual-Jade-Harley, the voice of both her and Aoi Asahina, has decided to retire the former and pass down the role to Sierra (However Jade WILL still be voicing Asahina). We hope you’ll welcome Sierra with open claws! 

Finally, I know I apologized for this at least 7 different times now, but we’re VERY sorry for all the confusion we’ve created in regards to blog activity and auditions. From here on out, we promise to make and keep things much more crystal clear.

And that’s all for now! More stuff coming soon hopefully!]]


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